• For local, national & international clients
  • Design, implementation and review of accounting manual
  • Advice on various accounting issues including those related to Indian GAAPs, International GAAPs, US GAAPs and IFRS.
  • Effective tax planning is integral to business strategy. 
    We not only work with clients in formulating tax strategies, but also have the experience to help in its implementation effectively and speedily. 
    We continually strive to look beyond the obvious and challenge traditional thought to craft novel tax solutions. We are focused on putting ideas to work for the clients.
  • Sales Tax & VAT Matters Consultancy
  • Registration
  • Filing of periodicals returns
  • Assessment
  • Issue of necessary forms
  • Appeals
  • Service Tax Matters Consultancy
  • Filing of return
  • Maintenance of Records
  • Statutory Compliance Audit
  • HR & Statutory Due Diligence Audit
  • Statutory Benefit Administration
  • Statutory Advisory Services
  • Indicative List of Labour Regulations we comply with:
  • Factories Act
  • PF & Misc. Provisions Act
  • ESI Act
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act
  • Bonus Act
  • Professional Tax Act
  • Shop and Establishment Act
  • Labour Welfare Fund
  • Maternity Benefit Act
  • Payment of Wages Act
  • Other Labour Regulations as applicable for the establishment
  • Payroll in the sense of "money paid to employees" plays a major role in a company for several reasons.
    From an accounting perspective, payroll is crucial because payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies and because they are subject to laws and regulations. 
    We offer our clients complete Payroll related Services.
    Our team's extensive knowledge in the payroll service business assist us in meeting business compliance issues related requirement of today's competitive business environment. 
    The consistent attention provided by our dedicated and professional staff also allow us to ensure that each of the service aspect handled by us is as per the expectations of our clients.
  • We have acquired excellence and unbelievable expertise in our work province, which have chances to serve numerous high profile clients across the globe. We provide effective data entry services, data processing services, conversion and other related work. 
    Our determination and unwavering execution of tasks enable us to maintain an integral bonding with our clients. 
    With our strong business processes, a well qualified data entry and processing team, robust infrastructure, security measures, you can be assured that your data entry work operations are in safe hands. 
    Data management is a back office process where data is acquired, validated, stored, and processed for business purposes. Infinit Contact’s data management services enable users to access data in a timely, reliable manner, making said data readily available for business functions and decision-making.